Legacy Initiatives

A Collaborative Approach

We take a collaborative approach to addressing needs in our community. Working to get upstream on issues, stakeholders are engaged to develop solutions around an area of need. Initiatives combine the impact of grantmaking with convening and collaboration and are catalytic in nature.

Healthcare Workforce Pipeline

Quantum Foundation is committed to providing opportunities and support for medical careers in Palm Beach County as one strategy to achieve our vision.

The Healthcare Career Pipeline Network is a group of eight organizations in Palm Beach County that are individually working towards a common goal: increasing the number of Palm Beach County youth from underrepresented minority groups that work in the healthcare field.

Palm Beach County needs Healthcare Professionals.

Data documents that Palm Beach County not only needs more healthcare professionals, it also needs a more diverse healthcare workforce to serve its diverse population and create positive health outcomes for residents. Network members serve Palm Beach County, Florida, a county where 130 languages are spoken in the schools, 18% of residents are African American, 20% of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, and almost a quarter of all residents are foreign-born.

Safety Net Healthcare Clinics

Since its inception, Quantum Foundation has focused on improving and supporting the infrastructure of safety net health care in Palm Beach County, with the goal of improving access to quality healthcare for individuals who would not otherwise have easy access to quality care.

Meeting Basic Needs through Quantum in the Community

We recognize that access to healthcare is not enough. We know that 80 percent of people’s health is affected by social factors beyond the reach of hospital or clinical care, such as access to nutritious food, quality housing, education, and income security. The other 20 percent of people’s health results from what happens in the healthcare system. Therefore, access to healthcare alone is not enough to create positive health outcomes.

Healthy Communities

With a community voice, Quantum seeks to find opportunities where the confluence of public, private, and nonprofit partnerships will address the social determinants of health.

There are many factors that influence a person’s health outside of a medical office: income, housing, education, neighborhood safety, and transportation.

Where you live affects everything from community resources to whether you can exercise safely to your daily access to healthy food.

Positively influencing social and economic conditions.

Quantum’s goal is to develop innovative ways to coordinate initiatives across sectors and with community partners that positively influence social and economic conditions that people need to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.