The Focus of The Quantum Virtual Health Network

Understanding the growing role of technology within healthcare and as a forward-thinking philanthropic organization that supports many healthcare providers within underserved communities, we set out to create an inclusive forum to promote the adoption, sustainability and utilization of virtual health technologies.

Our Why

As local shortages of primary care and specialty healthcare providers continue to rise, access to care remains challenging for most communities. Costs associated with healthcare services are also on the rise, creating an even larger void for underserved populations. Technology provides a cost-effective, efficient and easily assessable solution to increase access to care within these communities. The implementation of these technologies is now necessary in counteracting providers shortages and healthcare disparities.

Our Approach

Many healthcare providers that serve disparate populations often struggle adopting technologies. Most of the time this can be accounted to the burden of overflowing clinics, limited staff, lean funding and lack of awareness. Considering that all healthcare organizations are distinctly unique in the challenges they face and their enterprise goals, we instituted a “meet them where they are” approach. This approach in developing our initiative was based around not only promoting the adoption of virtual health technologies by spreading awareness but also evaluating our existing community partners to better gauge their readiness for virtual health technology adoption. Awareness was achieved by initiating an informative webinar series and the evaluation of our community partners was conducted with surveys focused on key factors defining an organization’s current stage in healthcare technology adoption


Our first webinar featured Ann Kesic from IMPOWER, an influential tele-mental health company that showcased their groundbreaking work in establishing telemedicine practice standards and legislation in the State of Florida. Anna’s presentation highlighted the glaring lack of mental health coverage and how IMPOWER was able to prove their telemedicine service line with a pilot with the Florida Board of Medicine.


Speaker: Anna Baznik, CEO IMPOWER


UBER Health

Uber Health’s Spencer Cue showcased how the ride share giant is partnering with healthcare organizations to provide transportation to appointments. This service has shown tremendous results by lowering no-show rates and increasing access to care to patient with transportation related barriers.


Speaker: Spencer Cue, UBER Health


Connected Care

Quantum Foundation supported the establishment of a comprehensive system of care to meet the behavioral health needs of vulnerable children and families. This webinar focused specifically on how to implement a telehealth solution and key lessons learned. How the network is using telehealth to serve vulnerable populations is also be a focal point of the webinar.


Speakers: Dr. Eugenia Millender, Caring 4 All of You, Inc., Founder & CEO, will served as the moderator. Members of the collaborative include Families First of Palm Beach County, Center for Child Counseling and the National Alliance on Mental Illness Palm Beach County (NAMI PBC).