Funding initiatives that improve the health of our communities.

Health plus Care.

Quantum Foundation is a private grantmaking organization based in West Palm Beach, Florida. 100% of our grants helping organizations that work directly in our local communities. We look for exciting and innovative projects that create better engagement in health, greater access to health resources, and stronger connections for healthy communities. Our aim is for everyone in Palm Beach County to have the opportunity to live a healthy life, regardless of their income, education, or background.

Better Engagement in Health

Individuals have the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy choices; and health workers have the ability to effectively serve those individuals.

Greater Access to Health Resources

Communities have access to resources that support their optimal health; and organizations have the capacity to provide those health resources.

Stronger Connections for Healthy Communities

Stakeholders are engaged to reshape systems that promote equitable community health; and multiple efforts are aligned to implement solutions.

Grant Eligibility

Our grants fall into two main categories:

Regular Grants

Regular grants are for organizations with programs that align with one or more of our three targeted Impact Zones.


Regular grants are primarily awarded to high-capacity organizations and are generally greater than $25,000.

Quantum in the Community Grants

These smaller grants are for projects that meet the basic needs of people in Palm Beach County. Your request must be for less than $25,000.


QIC grants are awarded once a year and are $25,000 or less.


We take a collaborative approach to addressing needs in our community. Working to get upstream on issues, stakeholders are engaged to develop solutions around an area of need. Initiatives combine the impact of grantmaking with convening and collaboration and are catalytic in nature.

Healthcare Workforce Pipeline

Quantum Foundation is committed to providing opportunities and support for medical careers in Palm Beach County as one strategy to achieve their vision.

Safety Net Healthcare Clinics  

Over the years, the Foundation has provided funding support to nearly every component of the safety net healthcare system, with a unique focus on supporting free clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Stronger Communities

With a community voice, Quantum seeks to find opportunities where the confluence of public, private, and nonprofit partnerships will address the social determinants of health.

Quantum in the Community

We recognize that access to healthcare is not enough. We know that 80 percent of people’s health is affected by social factors beyond the reach of hospital or clinical care, such as access to nutritious food, quality housing, education, and income security.

Our vision is for the people of Palm Beach County to
experience a better life through quality health.

Health has always been at the heart of our work.

When circumstances in the county change or new issues arise, we may adjust our strategies to effectively meet those emerging challenges. As an organization, we try to be flexible and adaptable but we never lose our focus on health.