Our Impact Zones

Funding projects that create impact.

Our vision is for the people of Palm Beach County to experience a better life through quality health. Our mission is to inspire and fund initiatives that improve the health of our communities. In order to achieve our mission and vision, we seek to fund projects that create impact in three areas.

Better Engagement in Health

Individuals have the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy choices; and health workers have the ability to effectively serve those individuals.

Greater Access to Health Resources

Communities have access to resources that support their optimal health; and organizations have the capacity to provide those health resources.

Stronger Connections for Healthy Communities

Stakeholders are engaged to reshape systems that promote equitable community health; and multiple efforts are aligned to implement solutions.

Furthering our mission and vision.

If your organization has a program, project, or idea that furthers our mission and vision, and aligns with one or more of our impact zones, we would love to learn more!