Quantum Foundation Invests More Than $2 Million in County’s Health

Quantum Foundation Invests More Than $2 Million in County’s Health


WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – The board of trustees of Quantum Foundation, under the chairmanship of Dr. Gerald O’Connnor, recently approved 19 grants for 2022’s quarter three and four funding, surpassing more than $2 million to Palm Beach County-based nonprofits.

Quantum Foundation is a health foundation that was formed from $135 million in proceeds from the sale of JFK Medical Center. Now in its third decade of community investment, the foundation has assets of approximately $150 million. Since its inception, Quantum Foundation has awarded $165 million to hundreds of Palm Beach County nonprofit grantees. Every dollar the foundation grants stays in the county to benefit local communities.

“Our recent grantmaking has focused on social determinants of health, and the last grants we distributed in 2022 were no exception,” said Eric Kelly, president of Quantum Foundation. “Our grants committee and board of trustees is looking beyond just the medical factors that influence health outcomes. Those factors include the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life. We now know how critical those factors are in determining the health of a community and our aim is to support efforts that address such issues as socioeconomic factors, housing, education and early childhood development, working life conditions, and more.”

Of the third and fourth quarter grants allocated in 2022, $150,000 is being distributed to Vita Nova and underscores the funder’s focus on social determinants of health. With Quantum Foundation funding, Vita Nova will add a healthcare coordinator to their Healthcare Navigation and Gap Coverage Program which provides intake, assessment, navigation, and insurance gap coverage services to 300 youth ages 18-24.

Vita Nova is grateful for the support and partnership with Quantum Foundation. This funding will increase accessibility to vulnerable young adults who are experiencing or are at-risk of homelessness,” said Jeff DeMario, chief executive officer at Vita Nova. “Housing is a basic human right, and with the support of Quantum Foundation, our healthcare coordinator will work with our youth to connect them with their necessary healthcare needs that will stabilize their housing.”

Groups funded by Quantum Foundation must meet strict grant criteria and must be classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All grants must benefit the people of Palm Beach County.

“Homelessness is taking over the headlines across the country and especially here in Palm Beach County,” continued Kelly. “If youth are at risk for homelessness, then they’re likely to face health risks too. We’re privileged to fund organizations like Vita Nova that is helping place a roof over young adults’ heads and assessing their health needs and any insurance gaps.”


Other grants for the 2022 Qs 3 and 4 grants cycles include:

American Association for Caregiving Youth (AACY) Caregiving Youth Project

With Quantum Foundation funding, AACY will provide Respite Care to their Caregiving Youth. The Respite Care services not only allow the students and families the ability to take time off from their duties, but also includes house cleaning.

Caridad Center Compassionate Care for Palm Beach County’s Medically Needy

With Quantum Foundation funding, Caridad Center will provide evidence-based and culturally responsive services to 4,500 patients in Palm Beach County who are minorities, uninsured, and lack access to quality healthcare services.

The Children’s Place at Home Safe Project Reachout

Founded in 1979, HomeSafe provides comprehensive programs preventing new cases of violence, protecting victims of child abuse and domestic violence, and preparing children, young adults, and families for safer, more productive lives.

With Quantum Foundation funding, HomeSafe will expand the Project Reachout program into two new communities, providing group sessions to 100 parents to achieve family stability, prevent family discord, and enhance family mental and physical health.

Community Health Center of West Palm Beach (CHC) General Operating Support

Founded in 2000, the mission of CHC is to provide non-emergency medical and eye care to those who do not have access to healthcare services, and assist them in establishing a continuum of care through conventional healthcare systems to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

With Quantum Foundation funding, CHC will provide access to quality, free, and safe primary healthcare to 1,500 uninsured/underinsured patients (5,000 visits) annually.

Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL) Digital Inclusion Program

CPSFL empowers residents to lead social change, improve quality of life, and build healthy communities.

With Quantum Foundation funding, CPSFL will work with cross-sectional partners to provide technical pathways and solutions to improve access to technology and improve the tech literacy for families across Palm Beach County.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Whole Person Cystic Fibrosis Care

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a complex, progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time.

With Quantum Foundation funding, a multidisciplinary care team at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-accredited care center located at Joe DiMaggio’s Medical Center in Wellington will serve local patients with CF.

Easterseals Igoe-Amar Playground Restoration

With Quantum Foundation funding, the restoration of the Quantum Boundless Playground will reinvest on a previous investment and allow 48 children with disabilities one hour of play daily.

Education Foundation of Palm Beach County (EFPBC) Behavioral Health Career Pipeline     

With Quantum Foundation funding, EFPBC will expand medical academy course offerings to include the newly created Certified Behavioral Health Technician Career Pathway. Medical academy instructors will ensure students enrolled in the medical academies will engage in a rigorous curriculum providing education, training, and practical skills to successfully complete their health science program of study and meet requirements to take industry certification exams leading to immediate employment opportunities in high demand healthcare occupations, including behavioral health.

Florida Outreach Center for the Blind (FOCB) Expanding Training for Blind & Visually Impaired Individuals

Founded in 2003, FOCB’s mission is to develop and administer programs that will integrate blind and visually-impaired persons into the social, economic, and spiritual lives of their community.

With Quantum Foundation funding, FOCB will expand its services for visually-impaired persons in Palm Beach County by adding a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist to its professional staff.

Help Our Wounded Foundation (HOW) Operation Phoenix

With Quantum Foundation funding, HOW will provide 35 Palm Beach County veterans with 30-60-90-day Wellness Plans, resulting in their practicing healthier living techniques and reporting feeling better connected with their community, thus achieving a greater level of physical and mental well-being.

Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County (HCPBC)Creating Housing Opportunities

Formed in 1986, HCPBC serves as a catalyst for community collaboration to prevent and end homelessness in our community. HCPBC is a leader in gap funding for programs that end homelessness in Palm Beach County.

With Quantum Foundation funding, the health and well-being of 10 homeless families will be improved through the provision of safe housing.

Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches (LBPB) Well-Being for Visually Impaired 55+ Adults

LBPB operates their wellness and independent living program to meet the ongoing needs of adults with visual impairments.

With Quantum Foundation funding, the program will continue providing trainings for daily living skills, independent and safe travel skills, computer training, assistive software and adaptive device training, and one-on-one adjustment to blindness counseling.

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MLB) Florida Heiken Children’s Vision Program in Palm Beach County

MLB aims to advance equity for blind and visually impaired people, who traditionally have been and continue to be marginalized.

With Quantum Foundation funding, MLB will provide vision care and eye exams to 250 at-risk schoolchildren in Palm Beach County.

MorseLife Health System (ML) Workforce Development Program

With Quantum Foundation funding, ML will deploy a multifaceted recruitment, training, and mentorship program to attract and retain underemployed and unemployed individuals who reside in Western Palm Beach County. Three cohorts for the Clinical Career Pathway and four cohorts for the Hospitality Career Pathway will be recruited at a location in Western Palm Beach County.

Northend RISE Northend RISE Staff and Operating Support

The goal of Northend RISE is to help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for target area residents by improving Purpose Built Communities’ pillars for holistic community revitalization: cradle-to-career education, mixed-income housing, and wellness.

With Quantum Foundation funding, Northern RISE will continue to work with residents and systems to help improve the health and quality of life for existing residents of the target communities.

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Improving Health and Wellness for Florida Families    

NFP connects specially trained nurses to first-time parents early in pregnancy and provides advice and support via home visits and telehealth through the child’s second birthday.

With Quantum Foundation funding, in Palm Beach County the NFP program will serve 128 families.

Student ACES The Passport Program

With Quantum Foundation funding, ACE will operate their Passport Program (TPP) which builds off their current programming and provides their students with tools, skills, connections, and resources to break the cycle of generational poverty and attain post-secondary success.